Round Up Your Friends – It’s Competition Time

If you’re anything like us, you will love being competitive with your friends and we feel that our beach ball competition is the excellent excuse for a bit of friendly rivalry among your mates. Get your smartphones, laptops and computers at the ready and have a listen to this great competition.

The first thing you need to do is get your mates together, and then all bring up the BrandClothes4All website on each of your screens. You then need someone to do a countdown from 5, to 4, to 3, to 2 and then as you say ONE, everyone has to start looking through the site to find the hidden beach ball.

The winner is the person that finds that beach ball first – but the competition doesn’t end there!

If you find the beach ball you need to email the guys at BrandClothes4All, tell them where you found the beach ball and then at the end of July a winner will be chosen at random. This winner will then receive a mystery prize from BrandClothes4All.

The great thing about this competition is that you may find some cheap work clothes or cheap workwear on the way through – so you can grab a bargain while playing the game!

What are you waiting for – start looking now!

Go on then….


Go find it….

Why are you still here???

Go on, go and find the beach ball!!!!


Grab your beach ball, summer’s here!

brand 24 beach ballGetting in the real spirit of summer is Brand 24. They have just announced a new contest to celebrate the long awaited coming of summer and sun but with a twist.

Brand 24 offers the chance to find a beach ball hidden somewhere safe on their website. To win, just keep a keen eye out for the beach ball in the top left corner which will be tucked away on one of Brand 24’s pages.

So, with a great mystery prize in reach, what are you waiting for? Find that beach ball!

For the whole month of July, everyone has the chance of finding the beach ball and that could later result in the chance to win a secret price. Simply browse through their pages, you can’t miss it.

Once the ball has been found, email the team of Brand 24 with a screenshot of the beach ball’s location to then be entered into a random draw to choose the winner!

Could it be in the pocket of one of Brand 24’s cheap work clothes such as Dickies Redhawk Warehouse Coat or is it in fact buried away in the much loved Blackrock Chukka Boots. Who knows!

For exclusive clues and hints, keep an eye out on social networks – Facebook and Twitter! Get ahead of the competition – like, follow, tweet and comment.

Start your July with Brand 24’s beach ball contest, where you could be the winner of that oh-so-exciting mystery prize.

This Little Guy Has Found The Beach Ball

found the beach ball

On the 1st July we hid a beach ball somewhere in our website. We then asked all of our visitors to try and find it. All you have to do is search through all the cheap work clothes, the personalised clothing and the chefs’ clothes for the hidden beach ball. When you find it just email us and tell us where it is.

At the end of July we will put all the correct answers in a hat and choose a winner at random. The mystery prize is waiting!

Do you think you could be the lucky winner?

Summer Beach Ball Competition

summer-beachball_346x319Add a little mystery to your summer this year with Brand 24’s funky beach ball competition!

With the little twist, Brand 24 offer the chance to win an exclusive mystery prize and how? By finding the beach ball of course!

Brand 24 are famously known for their wonderful selection of cheap work wear and for the whole month of July, the beach ball will be hidden on one of the pages on Brand 24’s website and all you have to do is find it, screenshot it and then email the location to the team at Brand 24.

Simple right?

You will then be entered into a random draw and the winner will be announced at the end of the month.

A chance at this secret prize is a can’t miss opportunity and with the team so excited to celebrate July’s beautiful upcoming weather, how else to spend it than to search for that beach ball!

Could it be hidden in the pocket of the chefs clothing, or perhaps peeping out of the shirts collar in the personalised work wear section of the website?

With so many possibilities, you better get searching and fast! The once in a lifetime mystery prize is up for grabs for a limited time only!

This competition is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat for the whole month of July until the winner is finally broadcasted.

Good luck!

Great Summer Work Wear Ideas For Businesses

workwear t shirts

As the summer months are fast approaching, the weather will get more pleasant and we will finally get to see the summer sun a lot more. Many of the work wear items that we wear with the cold weather in mind will inappropriate at that time. Businesses providing uniforms to their employees will have to come up with an alternative workwear in order to provide comfort and professional appearance for all their employees.

Those need an adequate work wear helping them do their job effectively even in the warm weather. Listed below are some great summer work wear ideas that you could consider getting for your business as well.

  • T shirts – They are lightweight and the ideal type of clothing for the warm weather conditions. They will make your employees look smart and keep them comfortable at thepoloshirts workwear same time. The comfort of the employees is a very important element in work wear since an employee that isn’t comfortable will not be able to perform their job well.
  • Polo Shirts- If you aren’t a big fan of getting t shirts for the employees then polo shirts are an equally brilliant alternative and provide a great amount of comfort. You could also have the company logo or any other information you like imprinted adding publicity and exposure to your business.
  • Waterproof- the sun isn’t always shining here in UK and water proof clothing is important in order to keep the staff dry. The employees will be a lot more comfortable when they have light weight water proof clothing.

These are just some of the many great ideas that businesses can adapt in the hot summer months in order to keep their employees looking sharp and comfortable. Work wear or personalized work wear also depends on the nature of the work and business so decide work wear according to the kind of work that your employees perform.

Find the hidden beach ball and win the prize!

Looking at the weather in most places in Europe at the moment, it is not exactly what we expect of summer every year. Unfortunately, weather is one of the aspects of our everyday lives we have absolutely no control of.

Nevertheless the ever happy and enthusiastic team at Brand 24 have decided to bring you at least a little bit closer to the dreamy summery activities. And what is more fun than playing beach ball?

Below is the picture of such ball. It’s round, it’s colourful, it’s funky. The task is to find it hidden somewhere in the immense depths of brand clothes for all’s site.

Once you’ve done this, get in touch and could be the randomly selected winner of the competition! Yes, there will be a prize. No, we won’t tell you what exactly it is just yet – it’s meant to be a surprise.

There is no shortcuts here, your best chance is to browse the site, keep flicking through our cheap workwear, chefs clothing or personalised workwear sections. As long as you keep looking, you will find it. Let’s face it – ball like that is hard to miss.

*** Please Note – the ball below is the image you are looking for but this is NOT the missing beach ball, hidden somewhere else on our site ***

brand 24 beach ball

Why Cheap Workwear is Called ‘Cheap’?

wear-to-work-clothesCheap workwear isn’t for those employers who want to save money and not give their employees what they want. Cheap workwear is for those smart entrepreneurs who know the importance of saving money where possible and to give their employees the best possible work wear without paying over the odds.

The name ‘cheap work wear’ does suggest that the work wear is made up of cheap and bad fabrics or is designed and stitched at lower standards of cloth manufacturing, but this is not the case. Cheap work wear is basically clothing variety that is designed to save people money that they can use on other important accessories without compromising the quality of the work wear.

There are a number of steps that are taken in order to manufacture cheap work wear. First off, high quality raw materials are bought in a huge quantity to save a great amount of money on it. Once this is done, the designers are called upon to work with the cloth manufacturing planners in order to come up with ideas to produce high quality, yet nice looking work wear, within the given materials.

Designers utilise the design patterns used by the biggest and most famous clothing famous clothing brandsbrands in the world to take inspiration; then the designers come up with their own designs for work wear. Once the designs are sketched out, the designers have a detailed meeting with the stitching department to ensure that they understand the ins and outs of the manufacturing in order to prepare the clothes accordingly.

Therefore, cheap work wear is called cheap because it is designed and manufactured after the planning to make these clothes as cost-effective as they can be. So if we exchange the words ‘cheap workwear’ with ‘cost-efficient workwear’ then it would be closer to the truth, but it is a bit long winded, so cheap workwear it is!