How Do I Get Baby Stains Out Of My Work Clothes?

cute_babyIts always the same, you are just leaving the house in your freshly cleaned work clothes, you stop to kiss your gorgeous child good-bye and they return this kiss of affection with a gift of their own – regurgitated breakfast, sticky fingers, cold porridge they are still eating, you name it and your child has put it on your work clothes. But sometimes things like tomato ketchup and blackcurrant juice can be spilt and these can be hard stains to get out of your work clothes.

The best thing you can do is take off the work clothes immediately, wipe off the spillage and maybe even leave the clothes in soak. It is highly recommended that you purchase plenty of cheap work clothes so you have some spares for when emergencies like this take place.

getting a stain outIt is a really good idea to ensure the stain is completely washed out before you wash it normally, this can be done by using a variety of cleaning products and spraying them on and rubbing them in to get the best results.

It is wise to have cheap work clothing available to a side, but ensure this work clothing is off high quality, hard wearing and long lasting. You don’t want to purchase some cheap work clothing and then find it falls apart in the wash.

It’s a good idea to have a look at the reviews of someone you are looking at buying from, especially if you are buying clothes online (which often works out cheaper). Have a look at their reviews on line and look across the internet for reviews of their company, see what experiences other customers have had to ensure you are buying your work clothes from the right company.


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