Find the hidden beach ball and win the prize!

Looking at the weather in most places in Europe at the moment, it is not exactly what we expect of summer every year. Unfortunately, weather is one of the aspects of our everyday lives we have absolutely no control of.

Nevertheless the ever happy and enthusiastic team at Brand 24 have decided to bring you at least a little bit closer to the dreamy summery activities. And what is more fun than playing beach ball?

Below is the picture of such ball. It’s round, it’s colourful, it’s funky. The task is to find it hidden somewhere in the immense depths of brand clothes for all’s site.

Once you’ve done this, get in touch and could be the randomly selected winner of the competition! Yes, there will be a prize. No, we won’t tell you what exactly it is just yet – it’s meant to be a surprise.

There is no shortcuts here, your best chance is to browse the site, keep flicking through our cheap workwear, chefs clothing or personalised workwear sections. As long as you keep looking, you will find it. Let’s face it – ball like that is hard to miss.

*** Please Note – the ball below is the image you are looking for but this is NOT the missing beach ball, hidden somewhere else on our site ***

brand 24 beach ball


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