Summer Beach Ball Competition

summer-beachball_346x319Add a little mystery to your summer this year with Brand 24’s funky beach ball competition!

With the little twist, Brand 24 offer the chance to win an exclusive mystery prize and how? By finding the beach ball of course!

Brand 24 are famously known for their wonderful selection of cheap work wear and for the whole month of July, the beach ball will be hidden on one of the pages on Brand 24’s website and all you have to do is find it, screenshot it and then email the location to the team at Brand 24.

Simple right?

You will then be entered into a random draw and the winner will be announced at the end of the month.

A chance at this secret prize is a can’t miss opportunity and with the team so excited to celebrate July’s beautiful upcoming weather, how else to spend it than to search for that beach ball!

Could it be hidden in the pocket of the chefs clothing, or perhaps peeping out of the shirts collar in the personalised work wear section of the website?

With so many possibilities, you better get searching and fast! The once in a lifetime mystery prize is up for grabs for a limited time only!

This competition is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat for the whole month of July until the winner is finally broadcasted.

Good luck!


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