Grab your beach ball, summer’s here!

brand 24 beach ballGetting in the real spirit of summer is Brand 24. They have just announced a new contest to celebrate the long awaited coming of summer and sun but with a twist.

Brand 24 offers the chance to find a beach ball hidden somewhere safe on their website. To win, just keep a keen eye out for the beach ball in the top left corner which will be tucked away on one of Brand 24’s pages.

So, with a great mystery prize in reach, what are you waiting for? Find that beach ball!

For the whole month of July, everyone has the chance of finding the beach ball and that could later result in the chance to win a secret price. Simply browse through their pages, you can’t miss it.

Once the ball has been found, email the team of Brand 24 with a screenshot of the beach ball’s location to then be entered into a random draw to choose the winner!

Could it be in the pocket of one of Brand 24’s cheap work clothes such as Dickies Redhawk Warehouse Coat or is it in fact buried away in the much loved Blackrock Chukka Boots. Who knows!

For exclusive clues and hints, keep an eye out on social networks – Facebook and Twitter! Get ahead of the competition – like, follow, tweet and comment.

Start your July with Brand 24’s beach ball contest, where you could be the winner of that oh-so-exciting mystery prize.


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