Round Up Your Friends – It’s Competition Time

If you’re anything like us, you will love being competitive with your friends and we feel that our beach ball competition is the excellent excuse for a bit of friendly rivalry among your mates. Get your smartphones, laptops and computers at the ready and have a listen to this great competition.

The first thing you need to do is get your mates together, and then all bring up the BrandClothes4All website on each of your screens. You then need someone to do a countdown from 5, to 4, to 3, to 2 and then as you say ONE, everyone has to start looking through the site to find the hidden beach ball.

The winner is the person that finds that beach ball first – but the competition doesn’t end there!

If you find the beach ball you need to email the guys at BrandClothes4All, tell them where you found the beach ball and then at the end of July a winner will be chosen at random. This winner will then receive a mystery prize from BrandClothes4All.

The great thing about this competition is that you may find some cheap work clothes or cheap workwear on the way through – so you can grab a bargain while playing the game!

What are you waiting for – start looking now!

Go on then….


Go find it….

Why are you still here???

Go on, go and find the beach ball!!!!


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